Rapid Recruitment Technology

Webuild Jobs Utilizes Next Generation Technology That Allows Employers To Source Qualified Personnel Ondemand

Webuild Jobs utilizes the next generation of employment technology to automate and advance the rapid recruitment, screening / interviewing, hiring and management of personnel for firms.

Through the use of expansive recruiter networks and custom developed technology Webuild jobs allows an employer to procure candidates for employment openings from over 1000 retained recruiters with the push of a button. Within 24 hours an employer within the Construction, Engineering or Environmental Marketplace can engage recruiters and instantly begin receiving highly qualified, prescreened candidates from technically proficient recruiters within the industry.

Webuild jobs streamlines the recruitment, screening, hiring and management process and places it into a simple online portal for hiring managers to use.

Benefits Of Rapid Recruitment Technology And Dedicated Recruiter Networks…

Below you will find the benefits of working with new rapid response recruitment technology and dedicated recruiters in the Webuild jobs network.

  • Single Source For All Hiring Activities
  • One Vendor, Multiple Recruiters
  • Experienced, Technically Proficient Recruiters
  • Employer Has Full Control Over Hiring Process
  • Streamlined Screening, Interviewing and Hiring
  • Instant Interview and Hiring Manager Feedback
  • Reduces Hiring Paper Work Over 80%
  • Increases Efficiency Of Hiring Managers
  • Increases Effectiveness Of Recruitment Firms
  • Decreases Cost Per Hire
  • Increases Employee Retention